The Culture of the Williams Classroom

Community Forum

The Culture of the Williams Classroom

February 5, 2009 at 11:00 AM at Goodrich Hall

Hosts: Karen Swann, Professor of English, Natalie Friedman ’10

What do we bring with us when we meet in the classroom? How do our differences affect class dynamics? What happens when issues come up in class that make us aware of these differences-maybe even in uncomfortable, potentially explosive ways? This workshop is an opportunity for students and faculty to have a frank discussion of these issues; the aim is to brainstorm about strategies that can work to produce a more inclusive, comfortable (or productively uncomfortable) classroom culture at Williams. Open to students and faculty.

Drop in, but if you express interest in advance to [email protected] she will send you a copy of a 1995 CDC report on “the culture of the Williams classroom,” including interviews from students of that time-an interesting read!