Queer Life at Williams

Community Forum

Queer Life at Williams

February 5, 2009 at 12:00 PM at Henze Lounge, Paresky Center

Hosts: Johannes Wilson ’11, co-chair of the Queer Student Union; Justin Adkins, Queer Life Coordinator, MCC; Katie Kent, Associate Professor of English; and Brian Martin, Assistant Professor of French and Comparative Literature

This will be an opportunity for students, staff, and faculty to really engage with several aspects about queer life at Williams.

How do we feel gender/sexual norms operate here, and how have they affected us?

Are there any aspects of the college that have a negative impact on queer students, staff, and faculty?

What about those resources specifically designed for the queer community- the Queer Student Union, Dively Committee, Queer Life Coordinator, etc?

Why don’t some queer students take advantage of these resources?

What do we feel these resources have done for the queer community here, and how might they be improved?

This is not intended just as a time for us to really pinpoint the issues that concern us, but to make plans for further action. How can we make Williams a better community for queer students, whether or not they are out, and their allies alike?