2010 Community Forums 2

2010 Claiming Williams event


Discussion of Prof. Fein’s keynote talk

MainStage, ’62 Center

Radical Voice & Movement: a workshop with Lenelle Moïse

Dance Studio, ’62 Center (limit 20)

Let me tell you a (really fast) story

Ever wonder what all those people you pass on your way to class are thinking? Ever want to tell them what’s on your mind? Storytime is hosting “Let Me Tell You A Really Fast Story,” which is your chance to put stories behind the names and faces of the students, faculty, and staff around you. Each participant will alternate listening and telling stories, for three minutes each, in a kind of platonic speed-dating. What you hear might surprise you!
Baxter Great Hall, Paresky Center

Queer(in[g]) Communities

This panel discussion will focus on how our individual identities, particularly LGBTQQAAI identities, influence (or don’t influence) our experiences of identifying with, navigating, and building various kinds of communities at Williams. It will give participants a chance to interrogate the terms “community” and “queer (or LGBTQ) community.” By listening to each others’ experiences and beliefs, we can move toward a new understanding of how we can live, engage, and collaborate with each other at Williams.
The Log

Be the change: How to Become an Ally

In this forum, a brief panel presentation followed by small-group discussions will empower individuals to see how they can make a difference when they become allies to community members who feel they cannot “claim” Williams.

An ally is a person who advocates for and supports members of a community that suffers from prejudice and discrimination. To become an ally, one begins with an open mind and a willingness to talk about issues that often seem taboo at Williams, including differences in race, socioeconomic class background, or religion. Allies do not have all the answers nor are they not expected to! During this forum, participants will learn more about how to be an ally on a daily basis as well as the personal and community benefits of being an ally.
Griffin 3

Entry Talk: Discussion of the Williams Entry Experience

The Entry serves as an introduction to the Williams Student Experience. We’d like to know: how was your Entry Experience?

Please join us in a discussion about the Entry System. Everyone is welcome. Students are invited to share about their own experiences and faculty and staff are welcome to come and listen. Are you a transfer student who did not experience the Entry? How did that affect your transition to the Williams community? Discussions will be moderated by trained members of the Williams community.
Goodrich Hall