Lehman Council Community Dinner

2010 Claiming Williams event

All Williams students, faculty, staff and family members are invited to dine with us in all dining halls free of charge. We’re going to mix it up, with everyone seated in special seating arrangements to enable us to get to know each other, forge new connections, make new friendships and build our Williams community.

Those attending the dinner will select a ticket corresponding with a random section of the dining hall, where they can eat and converse with others in that section. Icebreaker questions and discussion points will be available on the tables. The menu will include vegetarian and meat lasagna, vegan and meat chili with bread bowls, tossed salad, fruit salad, knock-u-naked bars, and apple crisp. Students are also encouraged to invite faculty or staff members to dine with them for this event.

Extended Dining Hall Hours 5–8 pm
Whitman Dining Hours 5-11 pm