Community Discussions & Community Building

2011 Claiming Williams event


Yard by Yard: Student Stories on the Complex Role of Athletics at Williams

Students share their stories, focusing on how their Williams experience has been shaped by their identity as athletes or non-athletes. This event aims to start a discourse on the complex role of athletics in social and academic life at Williams. Stories will by shared by students Corey Jacobs, Tess McHugh, Abbie Deal, Troy Whittington, Aspen Jordan, Peter
Skipper, Austin Davis, Tyler Rainer, and Chris Fox.
Event poster (PDF)
Goodrich Hall

Life in the Majority: What It’s Like to be “Normal”

Professors, staff, and students gather to reflect on what it means to be part of the “white majority” and hence, often to be considered the baseline for what is “normal” in U.S. society and at Williams. This discussion will focus on aspects of white privilege outside of the more often acknowledged politico-economic benefits of whiteness. It will feature story-telling, question-and-answer, and an opportunity for the audience to participate in creating a strategy to separate and interrogate “white” and “privilege”.
Schapiro 129

The Road Less Traveled: Nontraditional Students at Williams

Even with a growing commitment to diversity at Williams, there are many students who stand out as “nontraditional” and have unique circumstances and lives. There is a small community of students each year who did not follow the same path to get to college, lived a different reality than most students, and/or finished their Williams career following an untraditional path. This panel aims to connect the campus with these students’ stories and lives, and to evaluate the role and importance of nontraditional students at Williams.

Panelists include Michael Semensi ’13, Christopher L. Hikel ’13, Bianca S. Brown ’14, Gabor Gurbacs ’14, Malik Nashad Sharpe ’14, Dilenia Frias ’02, Sherlock Graham-Haynes ’90, Juan Baena ’06, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Carrie Greene ’02/’84, Academic Program Coordinator. Moderated by Tatiana Fernandez ’11.
Griffin 3

Define, Reflect and Share: Service and Community

A discussion about what community service means to us, the challenges it brings, and its future at Williams

Why service? Join students, faculty, and staff in a discussion to share our thoughts on and experiences with community service. Tackle questions such as: What does it mean to us? What challenges does it bring? and Where is it headed at Williams?
Dodd House Living Room

Building Community through Interactive Games

Join members of the Williams Outing Club for trust and community-building exercises, getting to know other community members through a variety of active problem-solving challenges. Those who are interested are encouraged to gather afterwards to share reflections over lunch.
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Baxter Great Hall