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2013 Claiming Williams event


Creating a World of Tolerance: An Afternoon with Esera Tuaolo

View a highlight video of Esera’s talk here.
For nine years, Esera Tuaolo excelled in the NFL as a defensive lineman: he played for five different teams and went to Super Bowl XXXIII with the Atlanta Falcons. But as a gay man in the hyper-masculine culture of professional football, Tuaolo was forced to hide his sexuality. The secret crippled him and hindered his football achievements. He led a double life that deeply depressed him but which he now looks back on with a new perspective. As one of three former NFL players to ever come out, he has received tremendous support from old teammates, the media, friends and family alike. Now he brings his incredible story to the podium to inspire others to achieve their best by speaking to their individual truths without fear or intimidation.
MainStage, ’62 Center

Heart to Table: Who Feeds the Williams Soul?

View video of this event.
The Dining Services staff is an integral part of our community. We sometimes fail to appreciate what they do, and often take it for granted. Have you ever wondered what a typical day is in the life of a Dining Service staff member, both here and outside of Williams? If so, please join us in welcoming a panel of Dining Service staff as we give these important members of our community a voice in Claiming Williams.
Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall

Admittedly Awkward

awkwardHave you ever had an awkward hook-up or date, or not? Let’s talk about how we relate to each other intimately and reflect on where we fail, where we succeed, and where we can improve. Come hang with the folks from Men for Consent to take a close look at the dating/hook-up scene at Williams and what we can do to improve it.
Dodd House Living Room

20 Seconds to a Better You, Williams, and the World

20 secondsDiscover 12 principles to transform your life. Learn how 20 seconds a day can improve your gratitude, optimism, kindness, nutrition, and more. We invite you on our journey towards investing in a healthier mind, body, and soul. Skeptical? Give us a shot – it’ll only take 20 seconds. Co-sponsored by Sincerely Ephs.
Makepeace Room, Greylock

This is Water

this is waterWhat does welcome mean? More importantly, how do we welcome one another into our – conversations, lives, communities, hearts – each day at Williams? Do we ever forget – or fail – to welcome friends and strangers? Come to enjoy a welcome – to have a cup of water served to you, and to share a story, a question, a moment of silence, or a prayer – and then to extend a welcome to another in the same fashion. The space will be free-flowing, and all are free to come and go as they please.
’58 Lounge, Paresky Center