Lunchtime Dialogues

2013 Claiming Williams event

Claiming Williams welcomes the full campus community for lunch. Join a lunchtime dialogue or simply join fellow students, faculty, and staff in one of the dining halls. No meal plan, no chit, no charge. A big thank you to Dining Services!

Williams Perspectives on “Nickel and Dimed”

Nickel and DimedLunch time dialogue facilitated by Leslie Brown. Prof. Brown welcomes members of the Williams community to talk about their own life experiences that relate to the book.
The Quiet Room, Paresky

Williams Takes Action: A discussion of “Nickel and Dimed”

Come discuss what actions members of the Williams community can take – or have taken – to address the inequities that face workers and families.
Paresky 220

Phallacies – A Continuation

PhallaciesJoin students for lunch after their 10:45 am performance in the AMT. Phallacies will engage you in critical conversations to challenge acceptance of the unhealthy aspects of traditional masculinity and support expression of multiple masculinities. Using dialogue, they will expand definitions of masculinity, seeking to create healthier men and healthier communities.
Main Dining Room, Greylock

Food for Thought: Stories with the Campaign for Asian American Studies

Find out more about the history of Asian American Studies at Williams and how it relates to fighting for ethnic studies at Williams at large. We’ll break up into groups, and individual members will share their personal stories and insights about how they came to the campaign.
Greylock upstairs room

On Being New at Williams

New Ephs CowNew people perceive aspects of campus life that those more familiar with an environment may no longer notice. But we are only new for so long and we forget what it felt like to be new to the Purple Bubble, with all the positive and negative experiences that may entail. What are the things that struck you as being confusing, difficult or problematic when you first came to Williams? And what, if any, are the mechanisms or vehicles for ameliorating those dynamics or structures? What would our engagements look like if we actually do try to claim Williams for our own?
Greylock D

Mixed at Williams

Through an informal lunchtime dialogue, “Mixed at Williams” will discuss the experiences of students of mixed heritage (i.e. biracial, multiracial identity, etc). What does it mean to identify as mixed? Do you relate to one identity more so than the other? Has being at Williams changed your previous perceptions of mixed identity?
Greylock A

Lunch with Carmen Ortiz

Carmen OrtizClaiming Williams lunch time dialogue with Carmen Ortiz, U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts.
Faculty House/Alumni Center, main dining room