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Claiming Williams Events, Feb 6, 2014

2:00 – 3:30pm

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Class Action Workshop: Exploring Class Identity

Location: Directing Studio, ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance

This workshop will break out into discussion groups to focus on exploring class identity.  Participants will identify class upbringing and discuss the privileges and disadvantages of each group. Limit 40 participants.

Class Action prides itself on a No Shame, No Blame, No Guilt approach to classism, and encourages all participants to work together to identify and address issues of systemic oppression.  For more on Class Action, see

Bursting the Purple Bubble: Socioeconomic Differences Within and Outside of Williams

Bursting the Purple Bubble

Location: Dodd Living Room

Bursting the Purple Bubble explores the world of homelessness and reflects on the experiences of those who have been homeless and/or have helped the homeless.  Speakers include Valerie Schwarz, Berkshire Food Project; Peter Kahrmann, motivational speaker, writer and human rights advocate; and several other Williams and Williamstown community members who have first hand knowledge of what it’s like to be homeless.  A Q&A and group discussion will follow the presentation.

Williams Through the AgesPhoto-Williams thorugh The Ages

Location: Griffin 3

Class of 1958. Hopkins Takeover. Women Pioneers. Hunger Strike. Recent College Council Co-President. These are five amazing Williams alumni that were either here during critical moments of change, or who themselves were catalysts for transforming the campus.  Come hear these alumni stories and reflect on how far Williams has come in the last sixty years.  Truly an Epholution!

Claiming Our Bodies


Location: Paresky Henze Lounge

Body image is not included among the key factors – class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and religion – that the Claiming Williams mission identifies as shaping students’ ability to “claim Williams.”  This event explores how our body beliefs, particularly the pervasive “thin ideal,” narrow our ideas of who we can be in regards to our shape and size at Williams.  A discussion of perspectives will accompany a photography exhibit.  Panelists TBA.

Failing at Williams: (Mis)conceptions of Failure

Failing at Williams

Location: Goodrich Hall

It is not uncommon for Williams’ students to feel ashamed to ask for help when they deal with personal adversity or failure.  The sad reality is that failure is ignored on our high-achieving campus far more than it is addressed and dealt with.  This year’s Gargoyle event aims to spark conversations on all kinds of failure and inspire students to speak candidly with one another about their own struggles.