Dinnertime Dialogues 2014

Claiming Williams Dinnertime Dialogues, Feb 6, 2014

A word about food on Claiming Williams Day

5:30 – 7:30 PM

Food For ThoughtSymbolic photo of food for thought

Location: Driscoll Lounge

Food plays an important role in how we define ourselves and our relationship with the world.  How you eat reflects much more than whether you prefer tofu or steak.  It can reflect how you choose to interact with your environment, the limitations your body places on you, your ethics and your religious and cultural tradition.  What role does food play in identity development and the creation of inclusive and exclusive religious communities?  At Williams, and on any college campus, how do you navigate these religious and secular choices and restrictions?  We will start the conversation with students who actively grapple with this question everyday, whether they have chosen to adhere to a halal diet or to go vegan.

Sex Jam / Beyond Consent

Location: Dodd Dining Room

Move the conversation beyond consent.  Join Laini and justin’s popular interactive and educational sex jam workshop.  Laini and justin each do a short educational piece (justin’s condom and dental dam demo, and Laini’s 5 C’s), then open it up to anonymous questions from the audience.

Staff Speak Sustainable FoodStaff Speak Sustainability

Location: Faculty House Lounge

Williams staff members share expertise on how they incorporate food production, ecological floral beauty, and buy-local food strategies into their personal lives.  From beekeeping to cooking, five panelists will represent the diversity of food and gardening knowledge circulating through the background in many departments across campus. Panelists include Bruce Wheat and Jeanne Davis, Fred Ackley, Chris Winters, and Margy Gwozdz. Moderated by Brent Wasser, Sustainable Food and Agriculture Program Managerfor the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives.

Who Cares About Claiming Williams?Final-Logo_sm3

Location: Dodd Living Room

Think there’s a student, staff, or community issue that the Purple Bubble just isn’t engaging with?  Ready to ditch Claiming Williams because it doesn’t apply to you?  Because it’s preaching to the choir?  Because it’s not your job to educate those around you?  Come to a discussion of Claiming Williams Day: the Claiming Williams Steering Committee is eager to get your feedback.

The Graduates Film DiscussionMV5BMTc3MTA0MzYzNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzMwNjU0MDE@._V1_SX214_CR0,0,214,317_

Location: Mission Dennett Lounge

Join director Bernardo Ruiz, Carla Gutierrez, Rosanna Reyes, Dean of First Generation Initiatives, and Marcela Villada Peacock, The Davis Center Program Coordinator, for a continuation of the discussion on the film The Graduates (showing at 3:45 PM in Brooks-Rogers).  Ask questions, talk about new ideas, and share experiences!

Williams’ Activists of Yore

Photo-Williams thorugh The Ages

Location: Faculty House Old Private Dining Room

Speak more in depth with the Williams’ alumni who participated in the afternoon event, Williams Through the Ages.  This dinnertime dialogue will give everyone the chance to ask questions of the panelists and learn more about their struggles and triumphs as campus leaders and activists.