A Word About Food on Claiming Williams Day

We would like to thank Brent Wasser (Sustainable Food and Agriculture Program Manager), the Dining Services Staff, and the students of Williams College for their incredible thoughtfullness around meals on Claiming Williams Day this year.  They have organized three discussions of food, two featuring many staff participants: “Sustaining the Campus: Behind the Scenes with Dining Staff,” “Staff Speak Sustainable Food,” and “Food For Thought.”  At lunch-time, the entire campus will enjoy an expanded, sustainability-friendly grab /n go meal with platters of sandwiches, salads, soups, cookies, and more, so that Dining Staff will be free to participate in the day’s events.  In addition to the usual dining halls, lunch will be available at Greylock, Paresky, and the Faculty Housefor the Lunchtime Dialogues: http://claiming.williams.edu/2014/01/17/lunchtime-dialogues-2014/.

Dinner is limited to a few dishes served throughout the campus, again with the goal of freeing up staff to participate in the day.  The dishes will be international in flavor with recipes generated by both students and dining staff.  Kosher, halal, vegan, vegetarian, and meat dishes will all be offered.  Bring your own mug and bowl if you can! http://claiming.williams.edu/2014/01/20/dinnertime-dialogues-2014/.

And finally, there is an all-campus pizza party celebration in Paresky, 10:00 pm – 1:00 am.  There will be no late night service on campus.  Dining Services is contracting with local vendors to feed the campus pizza!

So join us in thanking our Dining Staff for their service and welcoming them as they participate in Claiming Williams Day events!