2015 Community Forums: 10:45 a.m. - noon

Claiming Williams Events, Feb 5, 2015: 10:45a.m.  – noon


Confronting Ourselves:Promoting Cultural Competence and Inclusive Excellence at Williams and Beyond


In this dynamic, interactive presentation, participants will be challenged to look at themselves and their biases, in order to develop new philosophies and practices that break down barriers and lead to a truly inclusive campus community.  Be prepared for a powerful and fun session that will bring us all closer together and energized to make a positive difference!

Dr. Derek Greenfield is an award-winning former professor and administrator who now serves as a visionary speaker, consultant, and thought leader to colleges and companies nationwide.  He is also listed in Source magazine as being one of the first professors to teach a class exclusively devoted to hip-hop culture.

Bronfman Auditorium

¢laiming william$$: The Costs and Benefits of Space Ownership

cowwithmoneycolor_webWhat does it mean to Claim Williams? What does it mean to be an Eph? Ephraim

Williams was a white soldier of modest means who gave a gift that launched a million others.  We think this model of funding higher education can either reinforce or create undue privilege. Join our circle and tell us what you think.

Griffin 3

First Generation Faculty: Experiences, Challenges, Lessons

first genMany Williams faculty are First Gen, the first in their families to attend college. On this panel First Gen faculty will talk about their own experiences navigating college, graduate school, and careers. What challenges did they face as first gen, and how did they meet those challenges? How did they navigate college culture, family relationships, financial challenges, and the academic path? What advice do they have for current first-gen students, especially for those who are interested in academic careers? Panelists include Lucie Schmidt, Greg Mitchell, Enrique Peacock-Lopez, and Tony Sheppard. Moderated by Tara Watson. Co-sponsored by the Williams Poverty Initiative.

Paresky Auditorium

From Potential to Action with Kinetic

af3a423f8ba0b990a58cadc8d175123bc168ed73Kinetic, a student group, examines and designs action-focused solutions to prevailing problems through simulation. Event leaders will assist small groups in breaking down issues pertinent to this campus and brainstorming how to take action to address them and make our community a better place.

’62 CTD Directing Studio

Local Borders: Engaging Our Perceptions of North Adams and Williamstown

aa8b4fdb6ced024ffebc1b7c4c267c9367153fa0An interactive dialogue between panelists and audience members to engage what we know and what we think we know about North Adams, Williamstown and the relations between these communities. Panelists include Ben Lamb, Laini Sporbert, and Abby Rampone ’17. C-sponsored by Healing Hands/Real Foods.

This discussion will be followed by a lunchtime dialogue at 12:15 pm, also in Dodd Living Room.  Attendance at both sessions is encouraged but not required.

Dodd House Living Room

 Re-Claiming Williams: Islamophobia and Re-committing to Justice After Hatred

1470e66f0088ffa21f8239e9a18e9dc7ce2b578cAzd Al-Kadasi ’14 will be offering his own personal reflections on the defacement of his I Am Williams poster. The speaker will also address the social practices that allow for incidents of public hatred to emerge and manifest themselves as means of dehumanization and exclusion. Amid a resurgence of anti-Islamic sentiments and varying forms of Islamophobia in western countries, the speaker’s reflections aim at providing a space to explore critical responses derived from the very liberal arts tradition of the Williams community.  Presented by the Chaplain’s Office, the Dean’s Office, the Center for Learning in Action, the Davis Center, the Minority Coalition, and College Council.

Paresky Center, Baxter Hall