2015 Keynote Event: Police Brutality and the Williams Community

2015 Claiming Williams Keynote Event, Feb 5, 2015, 8 p.m.

Police Brutality and the Williams Community

Chapin Hall

1941610_314718122031662_4259423171270497290_oIn 2013, Collette Flanagan and Chaédria LaBouvier ’07 formed Mothers Against Police Brutality after their son and brother, Clinton Allen was killed by a Dallas police officer with a history of excessive force abuse on March 13, 2013. Clinton was ony 25 years old, he was shot 7 times and once in the back. Clinton was unarmed. As a response, MAPB has worked tirelessly to unite and support families whose children are killed by police and to push to reform deadly police practices. Flanagan most recently spoke before Congress with a coalition of mothers of police brutality victims and works with activists such as Cornel West and The Oscar Grant Foundation. A recent graduate of UCLA’s film school, LaBouvier has extensively written in a number of national outlets about police brutality and racism and organizes with a number of activists and families of police brutality in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In this keynote event, Flanagan and LaBouvier will discuss how and why they founded MAPB, what they have learned, and how people can take action to push for change.  If you are wondering how police brutality connects to the Williams community, come hear this talk and join in a discussion about what you can do.

Free of charge and open to the public.

View the video here.