2016 Claiming Williams Schedule

Claiming Williams: Examining the Williams Way   

Claiming Williams events are intended for the campus community.  

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A selection of videos from CW 2016 can be found on Williams Youtube

February 3, 2016

9:00 P.M. Film: Out in the NightParesky Auditorium


February 4, 2016

9 -10:45 A.M. Community Forums

How to Explain White Privilege to Skeptics in One Hour, Schapiro 129

Cooking Ancient Grains with Chef Michael, Paresky Bake Shop (pre-registration required)

Inequality for All  Film Screening, Paresky Auditorium

No history, no self. Know history, know self. A Workshop with Poet Michael Lee, Hollander 40

Queer Futures: What’s Next After Marriage Equality? Griffin 3

Internationalism at Williams, Library Forum


10:50 A.M. – Noon Keynote Event

The Half Life of Freedom: Race and Justice in America Today
Jelani Cobb, Chapin Hall


12:15-1:45 P.M. Lunchtime Dialogues

Game Face Film Screening, Paresky Auditorium

Critiquing Institutionalization: Looking to the Past to Find a Way Forward, Dennett Room, Mission

The Williams Way and the Search for Spiritual Life, Paresky Quiet Room

Inside the Classrooms, Outside of Williams: Secondary School Experiences in Developing Countries, Main Dining Room, Faculty House

Inequality for All Discussion, Faculty House Lounge


2:00-3:15 P.M. Community Forums

Game Face Discussion, Paresky Auditorium, and Paresky Quiet Room

Break the Cycle Performance, CenterStage, ’62 CTD

Palestine, the Global South, and Reacting to the Neoliberal Present, Griffin 3

Who are Museums For? WALLS and Diversity at WCMA, WCMA

Immigration at Williams, Griffin 4

Back to the Queer Future: Queer Life on Campus, Henze Lounge, Paresky

Making Empanadas with Chef Miguel, Paresky Bakeshop (pre-registration required)


3:30-4:45 P.M. Community Forums

Break the Cycle Workshop, CenterStage, ’62 CTD

Controversy @ Williams, Goodrich

Road Less Traveled: Taking Time Off from Williams, Baxter Hall

Claiming the Art World, The Clark

Relationships to the Environment around the World, Main Dining Room, Faculty House

CLICKERS! What Do You Think?, Brooks-Rogers

Challenging the Williams Way: Alumni Activists Talk about Making Change, Paresky Auditorium

Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century: Really?, Griffin 4


5:30 – 7 P.M. Dinner Dialogues

Let Me Tell You a Really Fast Story, Driscoll Lounge

Student Narratives: Underrepresented Identities in STEM+, Paresky Quiet Room

Step Into the Circle Activity, Faculty House Lounge

The Williams Classroom, Main Dining Room, Faculty House

Controversy @ Williams Discussion, Dennett Room, Mission

Informal Conversation on Racism, Homophobia, and Criminal Justice, Henze Lounge, Paresky Center


8 – 9:15 P.M. Evening Events

Racism and Homophobia in Criminal Justice System: NJ Four, Griffin 3

Uncomfortable Conversation at Williams: Is it Possible? Paresky Center, Lee Snack Bar

Michael Lee, Spoken Word Performance, Goodrich


9:30 P.M. Pizza Party!

Baxter Hall, Paresky


Special Event: All Day

MinCo Exhibit: A Brief History of Coalitions at Williams, Library Forum


A Word About Food on Claiming Williams Day…