Who are Museums For? WALLS and Diversity at WCMA

How can museums become more inclusive of the communities that they serve? In what ways do museums welcome or fail to welcome the public? This WCMA WALLS - Williams Art Loan for Living Spacescommunity dialogue and workshop will address some of the ways in which cultural institutions, particularly museums, perpetuate exclusivity and discriminate subliminally based on race, class, and education. We will use WCMA as a case study, looking to the institution’s history as well as current initiatives, such as the Williams Art Loan for Living program (WALLS), that seek to shift this paradigm. For example, this past fall, we acquired thirty new works for WALLS that seek to reflect the diversity of Williams’ student body. However, we also recognize that there is still much more work to be done. Using WALLS as a jumping off point, we will work collaboratively to envision and enact a more equitable future. Sponsored by the Williams College Museum of Art.

2-3:15 pm

Williams College Museum of Art

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