2018 Claiming Williams Schedule

“Stand With Us Now”

Photos from Claiming Williams 2018 are available here.

A Word About Food on Claiming Williams Day

Day long: Missing Books, Missing Voices, Libraries

1-5 pm: Occupy Hopkins exhibit, Hopkins 400, Rogers Room

8 A.M. Stand with Intention: A Yoga Workshop, ’62 CTD Lobby

9-10:30 A.M. Community Forums
Act with Us Now! How to support and create community programs in Berkshire County, Dodd Living Room
RASAN Workshop, the Mabie Room, Sawyer Library
Above Us Only Sky: Atheists find morality and meaning of life, Schapiro 129
Served: A Forklift and Dining Service Creation, Baxter Hall
The Introvert Activist and Leader, Paresky 201
Unwavering Belief at Williams, Griffin 3
Building Bridges Across Communities, Weston Hall

10:45 A.M. Morning Keynote with Julissa Arce,  Chapin Hall
The American DREAMer: From Undocumented to Wall Street & Immigration Advocacy”

12:30-1:45 P.M. Lunchtime Dialogues
International Storytelling Panel, Driscoll Lounge
On Civil Disobedience, Mission-Dennett 
Black while Abroad (BWA) Faculty House Lounge
I Am Asian-American, Paresky 201

2:00-3:30 P.M. Community Forums
Community Forum on Civil Rights and Enforcement – What Are We Authorized to Do?, Brooks-Rogers Auditorium
Restoring Communities to Wholeness: Restorative Justice and Repairing Harm – Session 1, Schapiro 129
Athlete Activism in the Age of Colin Kaepernick, Bronfman Auditorium (002)
Red Means No: Accessibility at Williams , Paresky, Class of ’58 Lounge
Julissa Arce – Community Forum, Griffin 3
Lecture and Discussion with Mixed Media Artist Titus Kaphar, The Clark Auditorium
In the Blood Performance, CenterStage, ‘62 CTD
Space to Think, Henze Lounge, Paresky Center

3:45-5:15 P.M. Community Forums
Step Into the Circle, Griffin 3
The Alt-Right and Anti-Semitism: The View from Charlottesville, Library Forum
Restoring Communities to Wholeness: Restorative Justice and Repairing Harm – Session 2, Schapiro 129
Imposter Syndrome Storytime & Discussion, Dodd Living Room
How to Protest the College, Hopkins 001
Making Empanadas with Chef Miguel, Paresky Bakeshop, (pre-registration required)
In the Blood Talk-Back, CenterStage

4 – 5:15
A conversation with mixed media artist Titus Kaphar, Titus Kaphar, WCMA

5:30-7 P.M. Dinner Dialogues
Breaking Barriers for Women and POC in the White, Male World of Construction, Faculty House Lounge

7:30 P.M. Evening Keynote: Janet Mock in ConversationChapin Hall – note time change!

9:00 P.M. Evening Events
Wouldn’t It Be Cool If?!, Snack Bar, Paresky

I have a lot to say about all that!, Paresky Quiet Room

9:00 P.M. Pizza Party!
Luetkemeyer Lounge and ’82 Grill, Paresky Center