Black while Abroad (BWA)

This event serves as a space of discussion regarding the Williams College black study abroad experiences. In this event, we will address questions surrounding students’ anti black experiences and hear how they responded to the more overt ones.

Black students who are looking to go abroad at some time during their collegiate career and those who plan on traveling to various parts of the world could benefit greatly from this discussion on what to expect, tips on maintaining your composure when confronted with overt racism in a foreign country, and a host of other questions from Pre abroad preparation to post abroad recovery.

The event hopes to feature students such as Lloyd Campbell ‘18 (studied in China), Anika Mitchell ‘18 (studied in Cuba and Spain), Valerie Oyakhilome ‘18 (studied in London), Nick Fils-Aime ‘18 (studied in Paris), and a few other students from varying socio-economic backgrounds, geographical locations, sexual orientations and gender identities.

Both panelists and audience members will have an opportunity to engage in the following questions: what is culture shock of you are black? In what ways does anti blackness manifest itself in different societies? What does it mean to be black and American while abroad? What does self preservation look like outside of our comfort? Where might we be able to find refuge in certain countries? This panel discussion is important for us all as it provides a holistic understanding of the racial paradigms in countries that we may not be familiar with. That being said, students, faculty, staff, and community members interested in engaging in conversations regarding global anti-blackness, self-preservation, and the black study abroad experience are all welcome. How can we stand in solidarity with blacks who are oppressed globally? How can we, as a campus, stand in solidarity with black students who choose to venture out of their comfort into a world of possibilities? Awareness is the first step.

Lunchtime Dialogue

12:30-1:45 pm at the Faculty House