Breaking Barriers for Women and POC in the White, Male World of Construction

Meet and hear from a panel of pioneering tradeswomen from the New England Regional Carpenters Union who are organizing for equity and diversity in construction. Working class jobs that give training, livable wages, benefits, and support restorative justice are in short supply in the US and have historically benefited mostly white men. These tradeswomen are leading a change, organizing for justice and working to end racism and sexism in the industry. The panel will be followed by an open discussion, where we will also discuss how Williams can support this work.

Panelists include Julie Boucher, Westfield resident, 6 years a carpenter, union delegate (elected leader); Theresa Copeland, Northampton resident, 3rd year apprentice; Tyeka Robinson, Springfield resident, 6 years a carpenter, Steward, union delegate; Lily Thompson, Plainfield resident, 15 years a carpenter, Steward
Dinner dialogue 5:30-7 pm in Mission-Dennet