Claim a Name

Have you noticed the names inscribed on the facade of Stetson Hall? These ten names were placed there in the 1920’s when Stetson Hall was built and they represent something about the works College leaders expected to be in the library and the knowledge, thought, and creativity that they hoped students would engage with during their time at Williams. Almost a century later, Williams is a different place and this is your opportunity to suggest different names of authors, thinkers, and creators who should be honored in our library and on our campus in such an overt and permanent way. So take a few minutes to stop by the table at Stetson Hall and claim a name. We will use the names you suggest to help enrich the libraries collections and to create exhibits in the Spring semester that explore the names suggested. Library staff will be on hand to help you with ideas or biographical research, and to dig a little deeper into the history of how those ten names were chosen if you are interested.

Ongoing throughout the day. In front of Stetson Hall (Sawyer Library) and in Schow Library. Bad weather location — inside Stetson Hall.