How are identities crafted through self-expression? Is identity defined by the individual or the community? What role does historical representation play in our understanding of personal and collective identities? Join us for DEFINE/D, a participatory, multi-sensory exploration of identity that engages WCMA’s collection through art-making, photography, writing, and performance.  The one-hour program begins at 4:00.

Presented by Polly Ellman ‘22, Kathryn Holbrooke ‘22, Sofia Jones ‘22, Kilian Justus ‘19, Carolyn Kim ‘22, Karmen Liang ‘21, Sam Mecha ‘21, Anna Miklas ‘22, Krysten Ortega ‘22, Spring Pham ‘20, Javier Robelo ‘22, Caroline Tally ‘21, and Ben Ward ‘22, in collaboration with WCMA.

4 – 5:15 p.m., Williams College Museum of Art