M.I.X.E.D. (Multiracial Individuals eXchanging Encouragement and Dialogue): An Affinity Space

9:15 – 10:45 a.m. Dodd Living Room

“[Insert demographics question here]: please select one.” Do you identify as multiracial, multi-ethnic or transracial? Have you ever felt like you occupy a racial middle-ground? Do people often expect you to choose racial “sides?” What are the differences between identifying as monoracial versus multiracial versus transracial? Where do these folx fit into conversations about racial solidarity and how can we affirm the complexities of our identities among friends, with family and within our local and global communities of color? In this space, participants will explore themes of belonging, inbetweenness and invisibility in spaces on campus and beyond through interactive dialogue. The hope is that this space will create opportunities for participants to find community with other multiracial/multi-ethnic/transracial folx and share their narratives in an affinity space that is often lacking on campus here at Williams.

Sponsored by the Davis Center.