Reinventing ReEntry: Post Incarceral Simulation Experience

WHAT’S IT LIKE TO GET OUT OF PRISON? Who is coming out of prison & what’s the first month like for them? Why do some people go back to prison after their release? What can be done to increase the likelihood of success for people reentering their communities?

This Reentry Simulation illustrates the enormous challenges faced by those returning from incarceration by leading individuals through an interactive probation experience in 2 hours. With fifteen minutes representing one week, participants will be evaluated for progress or failure each 15 minutes for “4 weeks”. Each participant is given an identity of a former prisoner, their crime, educational level, place to live, and the amount of money they’ve managed to save. They receive court-ordered obligations they must complete each week for their first month after being released. The simulation raises awareness, outrage and empathy about the reentry process and makes obvious for any audience the need for more creative solutions and compassion for those impacted.

Reinventing Reentry, an Arizona 501(c)(3)nonprofit, actively promotes education to both the community and to former inmates. The high rates of recidivism result in more cost to communities and a potential for higher crime rates. This is a bi-partisan public/private collaboration of business, academia, social work, justice and former inmates to assist newly released inmates to gain employment, seek higher education and find housing, thus building safer communities, reducing recidivism and freeing up millions of dollars for education budgets instead. The mission of Reinventing Reentry is to educate and reshape our society’s perception of former inmates so they may reintegrate and be given a fair chance for employment, housing, education and entrepreneurial opportunities.

This event is part of Claiming Williams 2020. This year’s theme, Reconceiving, Regrounding, and Reclaiming, aims to interrogate and reconceive perceptions of the Williams experience, to invite all members of the community to an inclusive discussion of how to reground the institution, and to provide a platform for lost stories to be reclaimed. Sponsored by Converging Worlds, a Williams student organization that encourages critical thought and concrete actions aimed at establishing viable alternatives to our current carceral state.

This event is free and open to the public. Community members are encouraged to attend.  3:45 – 5:15 p.m. Greylock 2nd Floor