Transitioning in Sports: A Conversation with Out Trans Athlete, CeCé Telfer

11 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall 

Athletic culture on campus has become a contentious topic on campus, sparking much warranted debate. But in these conversations it all too easy to put individuals into boxes, to give a single face to large and diverse bodies of students. We hope to challenge and complicate the idea of what it means to be a student athlete, with the help of CeCé Telfer, the first out trans woman to win an NCAA track and field title, in conversation with a panel of members from the Williams athletics department and the student athlete community.

CeCé will be joined on stage by three Williams college students and members of ABS: Ryal Rilinger (’20), Laura Westphal (’21), and Ariel Koltun-Fromm, ’20.

Sponsored by ABS (anything but straight in athletics) and the Athletics Department.