A Voice in the Conversation: Staff at Williams

9:15 – 10:45 a.m. Faculty House Lounge

Staff members comprise the second largest group on campus (after students) and are the most diverse group in terms of socioeconomic class, education, and ethnicity. Yet, there is a constant call from staff members to be recognized on campus for our contributions, to be viewed and included as part of the larger community, and to have appropriate agency in campus matters that affect our jobs and lives. Even if staff have a seat at the table, where do staff have a voice in the conversation?

Inasmuch as every campus feels unique and insofar as some may consider these questions singular to Williams, they are not. We propose a brainstorming session to gather staff input and solutions to current issues, including effective modes of communicating, representation across campus, and governance structure for staff.

Sponsored by the Williams Staff Committee.