"Disturbing the Peace": A Dialogue around Israel and Palestine

The goal of this event is to have a discussion as a community about what we can learn from Palestinian and Israeli voices. We will be watching an excerpt from the film “Disturbing the Peace” about the experiences and transformations of Palestinian and Israeli soldiers to non-violent peace activists, reflecting afterwards on how the film challenges us to reconstruct the narratives we live within. We’ll start by having participants share their experiences and understanding of the situation in Palestine and Israel, so that we’re aware of where people are coming from. We’ll give more background for the film and then show around a 30-minute excerpt, ending with a group discussion to share our overall thoughts and takeaways.

Co-sponsored by Students for Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue (SIPD), Chaplain’s Office, and the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (OIDEI).


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