Reclaiming Williams: Examining College Monuments

Participants will take ownership of Williams’ history by using online databases to conduct research on the namesakes of buildings and monuments across campus and discussing what it means for Williams to uphold those individuals. Following a brief lecture by WSU on the history of Haystack Monument and the importance of being accountable for the people we memorialize and how to address a problematic/complex past, participants will be sent into breakout rooms to research a namesake, discuss whether action is needed, and consider what that action could be. WSU will use this input as we continue our long-term campuswide reclamation project. This is an opportunity for you to take accountability and shape the future of Williams into a more inclusive, self-aware entity!

Co-sponsored by the Williams Student Union (WSU)


Access to Zoom links for non-public events will require a Williams College login. People with a email can access Zoom links here.