Mixed Feelings: A Conversation About Multiracial Identity

“Mixed Feelings” aims to provide a space for mixed race individuals and allies to come together in community and solidarity. Specifically, we will discuss how mixedness can be, paradoxically, both liberating and isolating. On a personal level, mixedness grants individuals an array of cultural identities to draw from in understanding themselves, but it can also be isolating for people to feel (or be told) that they don’t fully belong to one group. In creating this space, we hope to foster a dialogue around the ways in which mixed individuals can feel caught between two (or more) worlds, but also the ways that mixed folx can serve as a bridge between different communities and cultures. Discussion prompts will include: How can we support and affirm all aspects of our identities in a society that often makes us choose between them? As multiracial/multicultural folx, what is our role in fighting for racial justice? We recognize every mixed person and ally has a unique perspective on these topics, and we invite everyone to come participate in respectful and open-ended discussion with us.

This virtual event will take place on Thursday, Feb 3 at 2-3:30 p.m. as part of Claiming Williams Day. Check the schedule page below for Zoom links the day of the event. Sponsored by Mosaics: Students of Mixed Race/Background.