Access and Athletics: How did you become a Williams athlete?

How did you become a Williams Athlete? Each athlete has a different path towards college athletics: all of them involve hard work and sacrifice. For some people, the challenges to fulfilling their athletic dreams are harder to attain–not because of a lack of talent, but a lack of resources.  This Claiming Williams, we invite athletes to share their love of their sports with other athletes, meet people from different teams, and maybe make new friendships while sharing the challenges and gifts of college athletics.  Learn more about how Williams attracts and supports its athletes and together let’s reflect on the good fortune we’ve been given by getting the honor of being a Williams athlete.  
This event is discussion and movement oriented – not a lecture – and designed to bring connections between teams, coaches and the greater Williams Community!  Also, there will be fresh fruit.

3:45 – 5:oo PM in Goodrich Hall.