Access to and through Higher Education

Everyone encounters difficulties and barriers to achieving their dreams in academia.  For some, the challenges may appear insurmountable: physical, financial, inter-or-intra personal issues arise. Cultural or political roadblocks may hinder or ultimately derail academic success. Lots of people, including many at Williams College, have overcome barriers but may still encounter new challenges around every turn.  

How did you get here?  How do you stay here?  What does access to education mean to you? What does access through education mean to you? How do we create a college community that represents the greater world around us?

The Claiming Williams Committee is asking students, faculty, and staff to submit a proposal for the Claiming Williams 2024 on February 1st.   Please bring your experience and expertise to help enrich the lives of your community: the wider the variety of interpretations in addressing ‘education and access’ and modalities in conveying your wisdom the better.  Get people moving, or just move someone’s heart toward helping others; share a performance or bring someone amazing to campus: there are many ways to address the ideas of access… what is yours?

We look forward to seeing your proposals and know that we appreciate your engagement. Thank you for your time and consideration. The deadline for proposals for the 2024 Claiming Williams was Monday, November 27, 2023.

The date is Thursday, February 1, 2024.  Claiming Williams events are open only to the Williams community, unless specified. For more information on previous years’ events, please see the Claiming Williams Archive.