Meaning-Making at the Crossroads: The Role of Chaplaincy in Campus Life

In the current social and cultural landscape, college campuses are increasingly invested in cultivating meaningful resources, relationships, and spaces. Moreover, students are contending with big questions and seemingly intractable societal concerns. This session explores the ways students, with spiritual advisors, can facilitate rigorous inquiry at the intersection of identity formation, academics, and meaning-making.

Chaplains from Williams College and Tufts University will share insight on the challenges and possibilities of facilitating meaningful programming with students, as well as highlight perspectives from non-traditional religious,  spiritual, and philosophical communities. This session examines the role of leadership in spiritual life to build inclusive and constructively critical spaces especially related to identity, culture, difference, meaning making and community advocacy.

Speakers: Anthony Cruz Pantojas, Tuft University Humanist Chaplain and Preeta Banerjee, Tufts University Hindu Chaplain

9:15 – 10:45 AM in Paresky Auditorium. C0-sponsored by the Williams College Chaplains Office, Tufts Humanist Chaplaincy, Tufts Hindu Chaplaincy