Acknowledging Sexual Violence on Campus: Navigating and Improving Institutional and Cultural Practice around Survivorship

Experiencing sexual misconduct can radically alter the way that students navigate their lives and education at Williams. This issue is particularly complicated in an environment where social and academic circles are so small. What do you do if you have a class with the person who assaulted you? Or if they live down the hall from you? Or are the president of an extracurricular you are involved in? Navigating the experience of survivorship at Williams is made more difficult when, as a community, we aren’t aware of the resources that exist for survivors and aren’t willing to discuss the issue of sexual violence on our campus. Each of our lived experiences inform our comfort level and preferences regarding support resources for experiencing intimate violence. This is why insight from different members of the Williams community is vital to shape and reform resources and practices geared towards survivors.

In this event, RASAN, in collaboration with other members of the community, seeks to facilitate discussion about the challenges of navigating Williams as a survivor and the need for change in our cultural and institutional practices surrounding intimate violence. The event will begin with a panel of faculty and student speakers who will offer experiential, institutional, and transformative justice informed insights into the current reality of sexual violence policy at Williams, as well as the most viable pathways toward change. We will then break into small groups which will offer attendees a platform to voice their questions, concerns, and insights about sexual violence at Williams and the way that we should advocate for change going forward.

9:15-10:45 AM in Goodrich Hall. C0-sponsored by RASAN/FEMCO.