Doxxing, Intimidation, and Silencing (on Palestine) with Palestinian American Writer & Activist Sumaya Awad '16

With the turbulent political climate in the United States amidst the war in Palestine/Israel, students across institutions of higher education are feeling intimidated in voicing their concerns for Palestine due to fear of being doxxed or face repercussions from their peers, professors, postgraduate institutions, or potential employers. The silencing directly affects their experience in higher education when they cannot bring their authentic selves to the classroom and social and professional spaces. Sumaya Awad ‘16 is a Muslim Palestinian American who was doxxed for her activism on campus as one of the founding members of Williams Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). She is a co-founder of the Against Canary Mission Project, which defends student activists targeted by blacklists for their Palestinian rights advocacy. Her writings focus on Palestinian liberation, anti-imperialism, Islamophobia, and immigration. She is the co-editor of Palestine: A Socialist Introduction and the Director Of Strategy And Communications at the Palestinian-led Adalah Justice Project. Despite being consistently doxxed even now, Sumaya is pursuing a life of purpose as an activist, writer, and mother. She will be sharing her experiences as a student at Williams and beyond.

3:45 – 5:00 PM in Griffin 3.