Storytime: How'd you hear about Williams?

Knowing about Williams is a privilege in itself. The first part of Claiming Williams w Firsts is a lecture open to all! With this two part lecture, we explore the journeys many critical community members had to get to Williams. We’ll wrap with a list of actions the college can take to further support these communities. For the second part, the Firsts will have their own debrief (9pm in Paresky 201) to talk about the lecture.

Our event will highlight some of the unique paths taken to access higher education by how our speakers found their way to Williams. Often, the pipeline to schools like Williams includes privileges like even knowing about Williams in the first place, legacy or other alumni connections, and the ability to visit despite the costs. We hope to break down walls between our Williams community by highlighting the diversity in our struggles to get here. We hope to break the stereotype of what a Williams student is by making it more representative of our communities.

A Lunchtime Dialogue in Paresky Auditorium (no food permitted), 12:15 pm – 1:45 pm. Co-sponsored by FSU (First Student Union).