Journeys Beyond Borders: International Student Portraits

We invite international students to be part of a photo-and-video project aimed at documenting and recording the international student presence and experience at Williams College. We intend to capture portraits of international students along with short video interviews highlighting their journeys to Williams College. We hope to collaborate with the libraries to display the photo series widely and make visible a part of the student body, and higher education experience, that is often rendered invisible. We over the last three years in the ISA have extensively dug into college archives and been met with a paucity of the documentation of the international student experience, and this project is the first of its kind with the international student body that aims to present and preserve collective memory; we want to take the initiative to, in our own words and faces, to reclaim our presence on campus, especially in alignment with the College’s recent emphasis on global education at Williams.

10am – 4pm it the Directing Studio of the ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance. This event is specifically for International undergraduate students, co-sponsored by the International Student Association.