Sisterhood x SJP Presents: Liberation Is a Global Struggle- The Call of Black Feminism & Global Solidarity Histories

Sisterhood, in collaboration with Williams SJP and BSU, will host a teach-in putting Black feminist theory in global contexts. The teach-in will primarily focus on relating prominent Black feminist understandings and praxis on empire to issues of state-sanctioned brutalities in the U.S., Palestine, and the Congo. We intend to lead this event in collaboration with the Black Women Radicals Collective, a nonprofit organization “dedicated to uplifting Black feminist leadership”. The speakers, Casidy Campbell, Zachary Mondesire, and Yaffa, will join the event via Zoom.

This event is a direct call to students to apply the theory of the classroom space to real life issues with tangible and devastating consequences. Marginalized students are often left to watch the lived experiences of their communities/peoples become over-intellectualized and abstracted for the sake of thought experiments in the classroom, which leave us alienated and dehumanized in academic spaces. This dehumanization becomes even more poignant as we are forced to watch the brutalization of our communities/homelands in real time as our rights to life are debated in these academic spaces. This teach-in will hopefully do the work of raising the consciousness of our more privileged peers when having discussions pertaining to decolonization in the future, as we intend to remind our peers that these dialogues/frameworks exist solely as mechanisms to understand and empower us all towards collective/global liberation.

2-3:30 PM in Griffin 3