Teaching during times of crisis: building access through care

This event is for faculty and staff. Please sign up here! (You can attend this workshop, even if you do not RSVP.)

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, and bring a variety of experiences into our classrooms. Their previous experiences impact the ways in which they are able to engage with our courses, especially as student attention and motivation are directed toward local and global events. How can we support our students to simultaneously be their whole selves, engage with the realities of worldwide events, and take care of themselves? In this session, faculty and staff will consider the impact of stress and trauma on student learning, and learn a little about research-based practices for supporting students during times of crisis. Participants will discuss strategies and considerations for responding to events and strategies such that students can continue to engage with their coursework at Williams, even during the turbulent times in which we find ourselves.

Given that many students may be and feel impacted by local and global events, students may become withdrawn, distracted, or disengaged from their higher education experience at Williams. By understanding how crises impact all of our abilities to remain connected to our educational experiences, faculty and staff can consider ways to support students that center their access through their higher education experience at Williams. When we prioritize student experiences and support by thoughtfully planning how we will discuss and respond to the constant turbulence of the ever-connected world we live in, we create access for students to enter into our classroom as their whole selves, access to continue pursuing their education with the bandwidth that they have, and inviting them to share their own experiences to promote relevance of their coursework.

9:15 – 10:45 AM in Wachenheim 015. Co-sponsored by the Rice Center for Teaching