The Role of Private Schools in Diversifying Liberal Arts Colleges

All are invited to a conversation about the role private middle and high schools play in creating diverse communities for liberal arts colleges. The conversation will be facilitated by the Rev Valerie Bailey Fischer and the Rev Anne Gardner. After a brief review of legislation in the 1970s that has encouraged diversity amongĀ  private and charter schools, we invite Williams students to reflect on how their middle and high school education may have been influenced by this legislation and the goals of diversity among students in colleges and universities. Bring your experience (private, public, charter and home school), and your questions and thoughts as we reflect on what is coming next for higher education with challenges to affirmative action and the national trend in independent schools and college closures

2-3:30 PM in Wachenheim Science Center, room 114. Presented by Williams Telos and the Protestant Chaplaincy.