2012 Claiming Williams Events

Lunchtime Dialogues

2012 Claiming Williams event 12:15-1:30pm REACT: A Dialogue on Embodiment and Identity We will discuss community reactions to the ongoing exhibit of selected photographs from artist Molly Landreth’s project, Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America. Our conversation will stretch beyond the exhibit itself to start a dialogue about… Continue reading »

Community Forums

2012 Claiming Williams event 2:00-3:30pm Film: If These Halls Could Talk If our halls could talk, what would they say about the alarming rates of students of color leaving our colleges? What would they say are some of the causes for their departures? What would our students say it is… Continue reading »

Films & Community Forums

2012 Claiming Williams event 3:45-5:15pm Phallacies—A Masculine Performance Phallacies explores relationships to masculinities and individual and community health, and challenges viewers to rethink many of their attitudes, assumptions, and political and social understandings of hegemonic masculinities. Ranging from quite serious to very silly, the performance is a series of monologues… Continue reading »

Coming Out Muslim: Radical Acts of Love

2012 Claiming Williams event 8:00pm Coming Out Muslim: Radical Acts of Love, captures stories and experiences of being at the intersections of Islam and queerness and its relationship to family, lovers, one’s sense of self and relationship with our faith. Terna Tilley-Gyado and Wazina Zondon utilize traditional storytelling and conversation… Continue reading »