Steering Committee & Contact Information

Claiming Williams Steering Committee 2020

Clinton WilliamsSpecial Academic Programs
Gail NewmanCenter for Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Papa Freduah Anderson ’21
Cyrus Naider ’23
Shiara Pyrrhus ’23
Adam Roupas ’23

Jose Constantine, Assistant Professor of Geosciences
Alice LeeAthletics
Tommy VerdellAthletics

Aseel Abulhab, The Davis Center
Randal Fippinger’62 Center for Theatre and Dance
Jonathan Leamon, OIT
Natalie Montoya-Barnes, The Davis Center
Christina SanbornFacilities
Laini Sporbert, Health Services 

Logistical Support
Veronica BosleyCommencement & Academic Events
Carrie GreeneCommencement & Academic Events
Carrie PierceCommencement & Academic Events

If you are interested in serving on the Claiming Williams Steering Committee or would like to develop a proposal, contact the Committee chairs or any member of the Committee.