Cripping Williams: Institutional Support for Disabled Williams Students

As a continuation of the event from last year, this year’s DSU panel is an event for students and faculty to work towards making Williams a more accessible place for disabled students. We will have a round table where students with disabilities will discuss the systems of oppression that privileges able-bodied/able-minded students and the insufficient institutional handling of accessibility matters at Williams College. This rigorous institution values normative ideas of productivity (albeit with ableist logic) where students with disabilities of all kinds are expected to perform at the same rate as their able-bodied/able-minded counterparts. However, it is clearly unfair to expect this of disabled students if students with disabilities struggle to access physical and academic spaces, if the culture of the school deteriorates their mental health, and if they have to advocate, inform, and educate senior staff and the community in general about disability and accessibility in order to receive better treatment. At Williams College, the system is created to further disable disabled students.

Sponsored by Williams Disabled Student Union (DSU), a student group on campus committed to the disabled community, self-advocacy, pride, and culture. Disabled students and non-disabled allies are both welcome to join! Snacks accommodating various dietary needs will be provided.

Disabled Student Union (DSU)

2– 3:30 p.m.

Wachenheim 017

This will be a hybrid event; join via Zoom: