The Descript-a-thon will be an opportunity for the greater Williams community to explore and interact with the large circulating zine collection at Sawyer Library. Several zines will be displayed in the 24 hour room at Sawyer and attendees will be able to pass through and read any zines they are interested in. After reading a zine, there will be an easily accessible google form where they can add their own interpretations/descriptions of the zines. This event will aid with the circulating zine collection’s goal of adding descriptors to our available zines, in the hopes of making the collection more accessible, transparent, and easy to sift through. Simultaneously, the event will introduce attendees to the many ways they can connect with the collection and also add their own voices to the collection.

Hale Polebaum-Freeman, Circulating Zine Collection

All-Day; Pop in Event

Sawyer Library