First-Gen Asian Immigrants in the U.S. and Their Connections to Asian-American Movements

This event will be a panel discussion between first-generation Asian immigrants on how they engage with social movements that affect them. Since they are Asians living in the US, the media often categorizes these individuals under the big “Asian-American” umbrella, despite the differences in the environments of their youth that shaped their cultural identity. As issues such as hate crime, affirmative action lawsuits, and the recent approval of the AASM concentration on campus have drawn more attention over the past few years, how do Asian-identifying, as opposed to Asian-American-identifying, individuals in the US participate in these movements? The panel speakers will discuss their perceived role in bringing change to a system that they were not born into, instances of separation from Asian-Americans, and how social movements can (if desired) better make space for this minority group to exercise their institutional power.

Taiwanese Student Association at Williams

9– 10:45 a.m.

Paresky Auditorium