Morning Keynote: Arshay Cooper

The aim of this event is to share the key points of Arshay Cooper’s message, which include:

  • Strength and excellence lie in diversity and inclusion: prioritize equity, and empower those around you to be the best version of themselves. Each individual has something unique to contribute to the whole, and when it’s activated, magic happens.
  • Creating a legacy: making an impact beyond your own needs and investing in the community through commitment, love, and empowerment. Leaving every institution better than you found it.

Arshay Cooper’s story is one of navigating through unfamiliar spaces and making them welcoming and joyous.

Arshay Cooper is a rower, Benjamin Franklin award-winning author, the protagonist of the critically acclaimed film A MOST BEAUTIFUL THING, a Golden Oar recipient for his contributions to the sport of rowing, motivational speaker, and activist, particularly around issues of accessibility for low-income families.

Athletic Department, SAAC, AIA

11 a.m.– 12:30 p.m.

’62 Center, Main Stage

This event will be live streamed and shown live on WilliNet TV channel 1303 in Williamstown.