A Seat at the Table: How do Staff Claim Williams?

Staff are the pulse of the college, the boots on the ground, the people behind the scenes making the day-to-day functioning of the college possible. Their work is necessary to cultivate an enriched environment for higher learning which is vital to the success of the college’s student and faculty population. But historically, staff have had to rely on other college cohorts to notice and consider their best interests; but those interests are not always reliably represented by others.The under-representation of support staff in decision-making has led to feelings of being underappreciated and a grave deficiency in overall morale. Should staff have an avenue to voice their own concerns and to be part of decision making processes that can affect positive change? This session will examine the inequities present on campus among staff and in comparison to faculty and senior administrators. How do we go about building support structures for staff? How and where do we welcome staff voices to be heard? What would be needed for staff to be regularly included in important campus conversations?

11:00 a.m. – 12:15 P.M.,  Faculty House Lounge (downstairs). Sponsored by the Williams Staff Committee.